Fight gruesomely challenging Behemoth guardians of natural elements. Behemoths live in different worlds and guard their essence. Players have to fight these gigantic guardians, learn their attack patterns, sequences and tricks to climb on top of them and uncover structural weaknesses to exploit. Things are never straightforward !

Realtime shapeshifting ! Players change between three different Goons in real-time, adapting to situations at hand. Play and unlock several different Goons, each with unique specializations and new skills to train.

Behemoth example breakdown:

Golem Samurai "Nereus"

Multiplayer PVE & Multiplayer PVP

Fighting harder hitting Behemoths that demand player collaboration of up to 4-players in local or online Coop.

Fight other players in bustling, brawling madness in local or offline PVP with several different game-modes.

Arena map example

Level design rewards exploration, creativity of movement and tactical positioning.